Test de nivel de ingés

Comprueba tu nivel

Realiza la prueba de nivel en 45 minutos, sin consultar ninguna fuente de información. Escoje la respuesta que consideres correcta y escribe A, B, C o D en el espacio provisto.

1.  What ____ your name?


2.  I ____ 25 years old.


3.  She ____ television every night.


4.  Tom Cruise is ____ actor.


5.  That is ____ food. Don’t eat it.


6.  What time ____ she wake up in the morning?


7.  She can ____ very well.


8.  Tim is a ____. He works in a hospital.


9.  I have got four children: two sons and two ____.


10.  I don’t like meat so I never eat ____.


11.  ____ often do you go to the cinema?


12.  I ____ go to the gym. Four or five times a week.


13.  She can’t talk now. She ____ a shower.


14.  I put your tea ____ the table.


15.  I have been ____ Italy 3 times.


16.  I have just ____ 2 glasses of milk.


17.  I’ve got ____ aspirin if you need it.


18.  Paul didn’t answer the phone because he ____.


19.  How much money do you ____ on books?


20.  Liverpool are the best team. They always ____ their matches.


21.  My sister ____ married 5 years ago.


22.  He’s got a really good job. His ____ is £2000 a month.


23.  You need to ____ in about an hour before your flight.


24.  Mr Smith is not here at the moment. Would you like to ____ a message?


25.  Thank you very much, Mrs Jones. It was very ____ of you to help me.


26.  Guess what? Amy and Peter ____ married in August.


27.  She is ____ taller than me.


28.  Ian is very ____. He always cries at weddings.


29.  Could you pass me the oil so I can ____ the eggs?


30.  Matt is very ____. He keeps telling Paul what to do.


31.  Have you paid ____ the money you borrowed?


32.  Please wait ____. The doctor will see you soon.


33.  Phil gets ____ well with Ann. I think they really like each other.


34.  Paul is in his ____ thirties. I think he is 32 or 33.


35.  I’ve tried on three dresses but ____ of them fits me.


36.  I ____ 300 words of my essay so far but I still need to write about 200 more.


37.  If the weather ____ good tomorrow, we’ll go to the beach.


38.  You ____ smoke here. It’s not allowed.


39.  I have ____ money to pay for the meal.


40.  Anna is the ____ girl in our school.


41.  Here’s a map ____ help you find your way to the campsite.


42.  She performed very ____ in the French test.


43.  What do you call a person ____ gives you medicine?


44.  As a child, I used ____ on holiday with my grandparents.


45.  I hope she passes her driving test. I’ll keep my ____ crossed.


46.  The journey took much longer than usual because of the ____.


47.  She had the right ____ for the job.


48.  The region ____ I live is called Dorset.


49.  I hate ____ out of bed in the morning.


50.  The average worker in the UK ____ £26000 for his / her work.


51.  Tom can afford holidays abroad ____ he is so rich.


52.  If I weren’t taking this test, I ____ in bed asleep.


53.  James ____ gone to work if he hadn’t felt so ill.


54.  The ____ was caught stealing jewellery from the house.


55.  By this time next year, Paul ____ for 5 years.


56.  When I met Martin, he ____ in this office for 10 years.


57.  Let’s move the date of the meeting forward, ____?


58.  The woman at the reception desk will have ____ information about the trip.


59.  I ____ at the garage in Cumberland Street yesterday.


60.  You need to ____ some cheese to sprinkle it on top of the pizza.


61.  The plane ____ off at 9.55am.


62.  Is James ____ the birthday party?


63.  Oh no! I’m working with Kate again next week. She’s such a pain in the ____.


64.  I ____ my ankle playing football yesterday.


65.  You can always count ____ Jenny. She’s a very reliable person.


66.  The company is on the brink of bankruptcy. That’s why most of the employees are being ____.


67.  She’s got freckles like her mum has. In fact freckles ____ in the family.


68.  Our currency is very unstable; exchange rates tend to ____ a lot.


69.  She loves going off the beaten ____ when she goes on holiday.


70.  He ____ with relief when he heard the good news.


71.  The operation lasted six hours but against all odd he pulled ____.


72.  The allegations against the politician were ____ false.


73.  The island of Corsica lies just ____ the south coast of France.


74.  If only you ____ a Sat Nav, we’d be there by now.


75.  I’m tired of ____ to.


76.  We ____ our jumpers because it was so warm.


77.  It would be a serious problem if the negotiations ____.


78.  If the rash doesn’t go away, ____ in steroid cream could help.


79.  The government ended the system ____ police could stop and search people on the street.


80.  ____ a pause in the interview the officer left the room.